- x20 to ALL RATES

Ark Survival Evolved



- S+ Structures , Dragon Gods, Annunaki Genesis

Dark and Light

No grief game play -

Active Administration

instant server restarts -

More play less sync -


We are Fairplay

In a gaming culture full of unfair advantages and pay to win perks Fairplay Gaming hosts servers that focus on Fairness, Balanced play, and Fair administration. First created after encountering server after server that gave unfair advantages to some players over others; Fairplay Gaming is dedicated to giving all players a fair experience. Large gaming communities often offer Paid perks and bonuses that can give one player an unfair advantage over another; Fairplay gaming does not and will not ever offer such gimmicks. Maintaining an open and friendly community Fairplay’s Admins will look at both sides of any conflict and take care of all members equally. Fairplay does not tolerate excessive drama or argument in order to form a more enjoyable playing experience. With regular restarts and updates, Fairplay gaming’s servers perform at the peak of efficiency as often as possible. The active Discord community allows for high Admin accessibility and an open knowledge base, accessible almost twenty-four seven.