Ark Survival Evolved Server Information

This post will reflect information of our Ark Server. All server variables are listed to give you the best idea of what gameplay is like on [NEW] FairPlay Ragnarok BETA 20X ALL/Annu/S+/Gods/

Server Tick rate: 120
Server Average FPS: 88-120
Server Player Slots: 120
Save Period: 10 Minutes
Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 5
Allow Unlimited Respects: True
Tribute Uploads: Disabled
Tribe Alliances: Allowed
Tribe Warfare: Enabled
Non Permanent Diseases: True
Allowed Crosshair: True
Allowed Map Location: True
Allowed Hit Markers: True
Floating Damage Test: Enabled
XP Multiplier: 20
Max Player Level : 200
Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier: 20
Stamina Base Stat Multiplier: 2
Weight Base Stat Multiplier: 2
Fortitude Base Stat Multiplier: 2
Crafting Base Stat Multiplier: 2
PvE Dino Decay: 2
Health Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 5
Stamina Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 5
Torpidity Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 4
Oxygen Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 4
Damage Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 4
Speed Wild Dino Stat Multiplier: 2
Dino Mating Interval: 0.2
Egg Hatch Speed: 20
Baby Mature SPeed: 30
Baby food Consumption Speed: 7
Cuddle Interval: 0.2
Cuddle Grace Period: 0.2
Taming Speed: 20
Harvest Amount: 10
Day Cycle: 0.1
Day Time Speed: 0.1
Night Time Speed: 10
Global Corpse Decomp Time: 5
Crop Decay Speed: 0.01
XP Multipliers: 4

Annunaki Genesis
Construction S+
Better Stacks
Dragon Gods
Tek Bench
Corpse Finder
Pet Finder
Classic Flyers
Upgrade Station
Hairs Unlocker
Super Spy Glass