DNL Patch Notes 8/20 PENDING!

Morpheus Dark and Light, News

THIS PATCH IS CURRENTLY PENDING Greetings Adventurers! Dark and Light’s next update, v100.5468 is on its way – this patch is scheduled to launch at 1:00AM PST on 8/20/2017. Please make sure to log out completely before the servers go down to reduce the risk of data loss. If you’re a private server host, make sure your server client is …

Your First Few Days

BrothaPankake Dark and Light, News

First of all, hello and welcome to FairPlay, whether you’re a returning player from Ark or you just happened to stumble upon our great community we’re glad to have you.  Hopefully you’re reading this after you read the general Rules and Guidelines, but if not head over there afterwards. Getting into game-play: follow the quests until they glitch and fail, …

Dark and Light Server Information

Morpheus Dark and Light, News

Dark and Light at this time of posting is very new. A lot of bugs, huge changes are to be expected. Our current server rates on a vanilla server follow: . There is currently no modifications available for Dark and Light. When modifications are made available will be listed here.