These server rules are adhered by any player on our services. Admins, Staff, and guests.

Any player found breaking these rules are subject to kick and or immediate ban. Should an event go unnoticed alert a staff member at your earliest convenience.

Do not argue with an admin in game. If you disagree with decision or change it may be discussed in a private manner, as we are always open to change. We are all about improvement. We do our best to make sure that our services operate to the best of their ability.

Please do not use excessive vulgar language or racism. We believe this rule is self-explanatory, excessive language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Racism especially will not be tolerated. Most players on our server are adults and we actually prefer it this way. While children are welcome we prefer you present yourself in a mature manner. Should you come across someone acting out use a quick screenshot and send it to an admin on discord.

Cheating or exploiting of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated. This should be a given. Exploiting consists of using any game bugs for an unfair advantage. We will look into all cases and handle them appropriately.



excessively troll if you consistently break this rule and are reported to the admin on duty, action will be taken. Trolling is described as making a deliberately offensive or provocative action with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

If you dislike something or want to see a change. Do it in a respectful and positive manner. Drama is not tolerated and will be quickly extinguished by removing you from discord and the server permanently.

Should any of these rules be broken politely let the offender know and send them a link directly to this page.

Removing contents from any players belongings without their consent will result in permanent server suspension without reconcile.

Please make it high priority to adjust your nick name on our server to match your screen name in our servers that helps us recognize who you are when you are using our services.

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