Project Echelon is our in house Addon for Ark: Survival Evolved

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Professional Execution

There is nothing sloppy about the way we handle our work. Execution is down right flawless and handled in a professional matter. Server up times , bug fixes, help and FAQ all handled flawlessly.

Support of a Large Community

Project Echelon was initially designed for Fairplay Gaming. It became popular throughout its development stages where it gained much support and great feed back from both internal and external communites

Truely Unique Content

With every addition we make to Project Echelon we weight out the development aspects and look at the things that have been created before. Sat those things aside and redesign the wheel.

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An entire community built on friendship and unique ideas that make gaming fun. Fairplay is based on the principal that gaming should be fair and without involvements of payments or bribery to get and edge in the competition.

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An outstanding gaming experience.

Smooth from the beginning.

We use the absolute best hardware to host a SINGLE Ark Server. i9-7900X @ 5.2GHZ, 128GB of 3.7GHZ RAM. R10 1TB SSD Raid all backed by a 10GB/s Network. We know how to keep our gamers pumped.

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Questions are normal

There’s a lot going on in Project Echelon. We know you are going to have some questions. This is expected. We have an entire database designed to answer the questions you have in a quick and painless approach.


  • Dino Listings

    Locate your dinos in the world with ease, Arrange by levels or stats.

  • Food Status

    Monitor your creatures food levels while offline or on the john.

  • Breeding Information

    Valuable data on your creature mating. Find your best creatures.

  • Wild Dino Statistics

    Find dinos easier in the world from your phone or second screen.

  • Player Locations

    PvE options for locating other tribe mates on the map.

  • Base Locations

    Locate your own personal items and your bases in the event you die.

Perfection is our goal

We strive for perfection but there is some times when somethings just dont work out right. We have measures in place to help resolve those instances as quickly as possible. Bug reporting is something we take seriously. Please report bugs you find so that we can squash them right away.

When reporting bugs please make sure you are descriptive as possible. It makes a world of a difference when you say “this is broke” instead of saying “This arrow descends too quickly when fired”.